another year welcomes another wave of wallpaper trends to elevate your home interior. In 2018, the once taboo alternative to paintreturns in a big way. Ultra-chic prints, dimensional fabrics and new materials mimic contemporary art to highlight your personal style in dramatic ways without breaking the bank. The crowd-pleasers set to steal the spotlight for the seasons ahead include botanical prints, geometric patterns and metallic finishes.



Back and strongly in vogue, big floral patterns create special atmospheres. Give character to any living space with a variety of classic and contemporary interior styles from large scale prints to old school vintage inspired botanicals. Find the perfect pattern whether you fancy powerful, delicate, exuberant or subtle wallpaper trends.

Aquarium (wallpaper) from querozenn on Vimeo.


Graham & Brown leverages modern digital printing technology to offer endless designs. Decorate your home with innovative floral patterns from oversized and whimsical prints to textured three-dimensional fabric, all bursting with richer and brighter colors. Browse our large selection of floral wallpaper options  from delicate blossoms to roses in a wide range of colors from soft pinks to elegant metallics.



Back in a big way, geometric patterns with fresh, symmetrical shapes and simple, clean lines introduce order and dimension into your home. Bold enough to draw the eye, yet rigid enough to put the mind at ease, the unique style achieves the delicate balance of creating visual interest without overwhelming the design.

Incorporate geometric wallpaper in endless ways to fit any and every style. The versatile and timeless appeal works wonders throughout the home from a small yet bold statement wall to an entire bedroom floor-to-ceiling. Consider the ever-popular removable geometric wallpaper  to switch and swap as the seasons change.


Geometric wallpaper trends breathe life into a light and breezy kitchen, soft and subtle home office or beautifully polished and cohesive bedroom. Cozy up a small bathroom, define a space, such as a hallway, or add an unexpected twist to a ceiling. Go for chic and sophisticated with just the right amount of visual intrigue.



Pay attention to size and select a pattern scaled to the room. Let the room guide the color. Experiment with a full range of choices from subtle and sophisticated neutrals, such as black or gray, to lively and bold hues, like red and orange. The geometric style perfectly suits the modern trend for minimalist, abstract interior design.



Get the luxe feel of a slight shine for a low price. More durable than the average wallpaper, metallic print stays beautiful longer. Discover sleek, elegant and stately wallpaper trends ideal for formal spaces, such as dining rooms and foyers, yet flexible enough to work in just about any space.

The bold nature of metallic wallpaper means less is sometimes more. For spacious rooms, cover just one wall as the focal point. Light metallic wallpaper, which reflects light evenly around the room, makes smaller rooms feel bigger and more open. Experiment with a wall-to-wall design in bathrooms and other small spaces.

The ever-popular gold and silver colors add an extra touch of luxury. For a more modern twist, introduce warmer colors, such as bronze, copper and rose gold. Stick with something subtle — such as an accent wall — to pull off the colored metallic wallpaper trend.


The eye-catching appeal of metallic print means certain patterns can overpower the design. Tone it down with spots, stripes and floral patterns. Experiment with extravagant patterns only in rooms with clean lines and simple, plain colors. Dress up a feature wall with glitter metallic for ultimate glamour.


How to use geometric pattern wallpaper

Geometric patterns can bring a modern edge to any room, and you can use them in your home to create a fresh, artsy look. From minimalist shapes to playful metallics, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite geometric wallpaper designs that could be just what you’re looking for. Whether you’re creating a subtle Scandi-chic theme or you want to make a bold design statement, find out how you can bring an edge to your layout with our tips on styling geometric wallpaper.

Fantastic metallic: Rose Gold Reflections Wallpaper


Pastels, rose gold, and geometric shapes are all on trend, so it’s no surprise our rose gold  Wallpaper brings these together in a stylish mix of colour and texture.

By incorporating metallic touches, you can allow the light to catch unexpected areas and brighten up a room. In this design, the coppery shine of the rose gold contrasts against pastel pinks and marble-effect patterns, to create a fun and feminine effect.

lenticular wallpaper from styleconception on Vimeo.


It’s a great choice for a feature wall in a bedroom or living room – finish off the contemporary Scandi-inspired theme with pastel textiles, and metallic accessories. And if you have light wooden flooring, all the better.

If you’re not quite into the copper trend, we also do Reflections in mint.

Minimalist lines: Geo black and white wallpaper



 5 Ideas for Kitchen Wallpaper

Using wallpaper in your kitchen is a remarkably effective way to set a theme, more so than painting. Do you love modern style, or are you a traditionalist at heart? Is your kitchen a cosy, relaxed space, or do you prefer a professional finish?

The first step having the right theme is to get inspired. These five kitchen wallpaper designs from our collection will help create a room you’ll love to live in.

1.    A European café feel 

No one does coffee quite like continental Europeans – whether it’s a classic Italian espresso or a creamy latte to accompany a fluffy French croissant. If coffee culture appeals, consider creating the feel in your kitchen using our aptly named Café Culture wallpaper, available in beige, grey, or with touches of red.

If you go for the beige, you’ll find the use of cream and chocolate tones adds warmth to the room, while the overall light beige tone will reflect most of the natural light that’s vital to kitchen design. This balance of shades means the wallpaper will suit any sized kitchen. It would be ideal paired against wooden kitchen fixtures.

2.    Downtown apartment style

Think of that classic ‘Brooklyn loft conversion’ look and you’ll probably imagine a spacious open-plan space with bright white walls set against areas of exposed brickwork. You can recreate this kind of aesthetic in your kitchen with our Ledgestone Grey Wallpaper.

Try keeping the rest of the kitchen design as minimalist as possible, integrating touches of wood and stainless steel, and you’ll have a modern-looking kitchen that’s perfect for hosting home-brewed coffee with friends on lazy Sunday mornings.



3.    Cosy family-friendly kitchen

For many families, the kitchen has replaced the living room as the heart of the home. While the parents prepare a hearty evening meal, kids can sit at the dining table to finish homework before all the family eat together to discuss the day’s events.
The Afternoon Tea White and Silver Wallpaper helps to make a kitchen-diner space feel welcoming, while the silver and white colouring also ensures the room feels light and fresh. Perfect for the family that loves to spend time together – especially over food.  

4.    Classic luxe elegance




 Black and White Wallpaper is an ideal way to apply elegance to your kitchen. Its tile effect is backed up by being splashproof and cleanable, so it’s suitable to use behind sinks and busy worktops.
Particularly well suited as an eye-catching statement wall, this luxe style pairs spectacularly with metallic features and glossy units, to create a design that perfectly blends traditional style with contemporary class.

5.    Modern and minimalist

A minimalist kitchen features all the gadgets and amenities a modern kitchen should, but it’s streamlined and contained in a plain and simple space. If this sounds like your idea for a dream kitchen, consider pairing your units and features with Earthen Mid-Grey Wallpaper.


wallpaper selection

This tile-effect wallpaper creates a clean design that looks perfect set against modern white units and lightly-coloured worktops, for a bright space that feels professional. Your guests may struggle to tell the wall isn’t tiled, and it’s splash proof and scrubbable so you’ll be able to use it around all kinds of prep areas.Whatever your style, whatever your dream design, there’s a wallpaper selection at hand to transform the fantasy into a reality. Looking for some more inspiration? Take a peek at our previous inspiration posts, or explore more kitchen wallpapers.Though your home décor doesn’t have to appease everyone, wouldn’t it be good to know how we’re really making people feel when welcomed into our humble abode? We’ve been experts in wallpaper and exploring the power of color and patterns for over 70 years at Graham & Brown!


Take a look at what the different designs and palettes really exemplify….


Black: The Deep Thinker



Often associated with mystery and secrecy, it can also hold many deeper, often formal and reflective connotations for those who favor it. The bold and powerful shade is extremely intense and it takes a strong personality to create such a statement. To be bold and brave, use black wallpaper - it’s a great backdrop that will really show off your personality. There are so many modern wallpaper patterns available for purchase today in this bold color- your options are endless!


Grey: The Sensible One


Grey is the color of compromise and suggests maturity and professionalism. Darker shades of it are both bold and conservative, yet elegantly formal. Take advantage of its mystical aura by pairing it with enchanted prints such as damask grey pattern wallpaper, as it is great to compliment to one wall, or to hang on all walls. Gray wallpaper will bring a sense of opulence and warmth to any room.


White: You Have Confidence

For many, the color white portrays the feeling of security protection and cleanliness, making it the perfect shade to express change and new beginnings. The color also suggests being decisive, and it is said that the people who love the color feel the need to be fully independent and self-reliant. Use plain white wallpaper to create a harmonious sensory feel, or use paintable textured wallpaper to hang, and paint in the color of our choice!


Gold: The Luxurious One

No color represents achievement and sophistication like gold! It will add light, warmth and sophistication to your home. For a muted look, small touches as simple as a metallic wallpaper accent wall can add a sense of the real opulence. Gold and white wallpaper is a classic combination that is always on trend and you’ll never get tired of!


Red: A Fiery Personality


Red can be a bold and sultry color symbolizing romance and passion. Motivating, courageous, and energizing- it is the most dramatic pigment that exists in home décor. To create a traditional look using red, opt for a rich red wallpaper to use in a bedroom or a dining room. Red would especially be good when selecting a vintage style wallpaper. For a contemporary look incorporating red, match soft cream linen colors as accents, such as wall art or throw pillows.


Green: Your Ambitious


A spectrum of green tones can create mixed feelings, but that’s the beauty of its versatility. Darker, more rich tones can represent a feeling of “want”, but on the reverse side can create a feeling of ambition. To bring a room to life, try styling it with green wallpaper and accent with oak or bamboo accessories. If you prefer shades of green that are more emerald and enchanting, try adding glass accessories such as vases or bowls. There is even designer wallpaper available in shades of green to jazz up your living space and really help make a statement.

Brown: You’re Au Natural


Brown is a wholesome color that we often relate to warmth and earthiness. It makes us feel comfortable and protected. It’s said that those who like the color are genuine and confident. Brown is a simple color that looks great in any room! Brown wallpaper would be ideal to hang in an entire room, or to use as an accent wall- the options are endless. You could even switch it up a bit by using brown large pattern wallpaper with plain neutrals.

Blue: Cool, Calm & Collective


Widely known for creating a tranquil and calm space, the color personifies trust and understanding. Helping to promote relaxation, it is said that those who enjoy the tone are controlled, conservative and trustworthy. Thanks to the variety of blue pattern wallpaper hues at Graham & Brown, you can mix and match to achieve the desired cool, calm & collective look you desire. Ganging blue bathroom wallpaper is an option, and there are even moisture-resistant lines we offer that are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.


Purple: You’re a Dare Devil


Historically, purple was a color that was occupied by the wealthy and noble, offering up a sense of royalty and wisdom. Now the color is used to create feeling of creativity and imagination. Proven to improve your love life, purple is a great color to add a little drama in the bedroom. Choose a sumptuous design such as cream striped wallpaper to accent with purple, or a shimmering reflective surface to enhance the lighting. Flock wallpaper would be your best bet to add texture.


Yellow: Cheerful

Yellow is truly the color of cheer. It encourages hope, optimism, and happiness. It helps us to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Yellow tones are closely connected with intellect too, and are said to stimulate mental agility and new ways of thinking. To go all out, choose a yellow and gray wallpaper and style with jet black chunky décor to create an inspirational room, full of nostalgia.



Finishing touches

Everyone loves attention to detail. Try adding a sense of sparkle by incorporating metallic wallpaper or light up wall art to dress up your living space.

Visit us at Graham & Brown to quickly transform your living space from dull to posh, instantly! From one of the best removable wallpaper  selections, to wall décor to home accessories and more. And, did you know wallpapering is faster than painting (and easier when it comes to clean up) to give your room an instant makeover? Try using our easiest wallpaper application paper, paste the wall. It will cut your decorating time in half!


Industrial style: Get the look with 3D brick effect wallpaper

Exposed brickwork can look stunning inside a home. But it can be a huge job to create this effect unless you already live somewhere the hard work has been done for you, or it’s part of the house.

For versatility, simplicity, and visual appeal, your best choice is 3D brick effect wallpaper. The 3D design creates the impression of genuine exposed brickwork, without the huge costs and effort of converting your home.

We stock many styles and colours of 3D brick effect wallpaper, but we’ve managed to pull out four of our favourites.

Urban industrial


Imagine a converted Brooklyn warehouse apartment, and you’ll probably think of industrial interiors softened by contemporary artistic touches. Industry Noir wallpaper can help you to recreate this look in your home, with its dark brickwork effect creating a depth that would look perfect in a living room or kitchen.

If you want a bright room, the dark colouring of this wallpaper means it best suits a space that has plenty of natural light. It would look especially good against a light coloured floor. You could even finish the look with stony-coloured accessories to play off the undertones of the paper while juxtaposing its darkness.

Beautifully British


Red brick invokes a charming British character: of terrace houses lining Northern streets, and hard-working buildings of industry. Bring this iconic material into your home using our unusual Red Brick Wallpaper.

Best suited to complementing the warmth of a living room or bedroom, this wallpaper looks ultra-realistic, with multi-tones just as you’d expect from the real thing.

You may find these kinds of colours work well with other natural materials in the room, such as a bare wooden bookcase or leather sofa, to create a warm atmosphere.

Whitewashed wonder


Whitewashed cottages and brightly coloured interiors really invoke that countryside cottage feel, or of houses in a quiet, coastal village. You can recreate this look in your home by choosing White Realistic Brick wallpaper to create a light, clean, open space in your home.  

Great for the kitchen or dining room, this reflective white of this wallpaper can really help you take full advantage of any natural light. Finish the look with bursts of bright colours: flowers, art work, and accessories in red, pink, blue, or green will pop beautifully against this white backdrop.

Modern masterpiece



Brick designs don’t have to be traditional or vintage; the right colour, shades, and patterns can create a contemporary space that feels totally fresh and modern. Briquette Grey wallpaper uses natural stone shades across an almost mid-century modern brickwork pattern to create a calm, clean atmosphere that works well in the kitchen or bathroom.

Try using the soft stone colouring against a monochrome kitchen or bathroom scheme in black, white, and chrome for a crisp look.

Brick wallpaper is a versatile choice for a range of rooms and requires much less time, effort and cost than the real thing. Explore the full range of brick wallpapers to create this eye-catching look in your own home.


Black and white geometric patterns epitomise modern design, and they can be used in a variety of ways to suit your design scheme. Kelly Hoppen’s Geo wallpaper is cool, contemporary, and completely versatile – clean black lines stand out against the bright white background, for an edgy look that isn’t overwhelming.

The simple colouring of black and white wallpaper means it can be paired with countless other shades. Style it as a feature wall, using pastel colours and soft furnishings to create a modern-bohemian effect. Alternatively, use the pattern across the entire room and allow a few bold accessories, such as a brightly coloured wardrobe or sofa, to make a design statement against the black and white backdrop.

Optical illusions: Origami wallpaper

The great thing about geometric wallpapers is the scope of possibility. In addition to fun patterns, geometric designs can also bring colour and depth to a room – which is exactly what our Origami wallpaper does.

The clever design has a 3D effect, which adds a unique twist to any home. If you’re designing a modern feature wall in a bedroom, you can style it against creamy colours and soft textiles to soften the pattern and allow the wallpaper to take on an almost quilted effect.

Textured wallpaper can also be used to make a small or awkwardly-shaped room feel more spacious. Use the pattern on a feature wall, alongside complementary shades of grey or white, with matching shelving and furniture to help create the illusion of space.

Geometric opulence: Zen teal wallpaper

Often associated with a fresh and modern look, geometric patterns can also bring a luxury atmosphere to a room. The Zen teal wallpaper blends rich colour with an intricate pattern, resulting in an elegant and stylish look.

When using geometrics to add a hint of extravagance to your home, jewel tones and metallic detailing will instantly create an indulgent effect. To avoid overwhelming your space, choose a pattern with simple or delicate lines. Style the rest of the room with solid-coloured furniture and accessories in a complementary shade, adding a few bold, metallic touches to finish the look.

Geometric wallpaper is a versatile and fun way to bring a modern touch to your home. If you’re intrigued and want to see more options, browse our full range of geometric patterns to find a style you love!



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